Perils of being

Bollywood Recap: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Meet Rahul: college cool guy, slacker, wanna-be

Meet Anjali: ultimate tomboy, goofball, naive

Rahul & Anjali are BFFs - they play basketball together, pranks, joke around


lol J/K

What’s a bollywood movie without some drama? A new girl from London, Tina, joins their college — getting all the boys to chase after her

But Rahul’s not impressed with Tina’s glam looks

Until he spots her praying at the temple one day

Seeing her in traditional avatar, Rahul falls head-over-heels for Tina

But wait, where’s Anjali? Rahul’s forgotten all about her, while the poor girl’s fallen for him

Anjali’s heartbroken when Rahul confesses his love to Tina. Pulling her first girly move in the movie, she decides to leave college and return home

Rahul can’t figure out why Anjali is suddenly leaving. But Tina knows and feels sheย  stuck her busybody self interfered with Rahul & Anjali’s relationship

After Anjali leaves, Rahul and Tina get married … and lived happily ever after


J/K again

Tina dies after labor complications, leaving behind a baby girl named Anjali (wonder where she got that name from …)

Before dying, Tina writes letters for mini-Anjali to read. The last letter basically recaps the above story — Rahul/Anjali/Tina’s love triangle

She tells mini-Anjali that she should reunite Rahul & Anjali

Mini-Anjali happily agrees (because you know … why not). She does a lil detective work & joins a dance camp run by none other than original-Anjali!

Daddy Rahul goes to visit his daughter at camp

That’s right! Anjali is a woman now. Too bad neither of them got the memo

Rahul & Anjali are back to acting like college bff’s with pranks and jokes. But mini-Anjali ain’t having it

She helps the couple realize their undying love attraction by setting up sexy time for them

In no time, Rahul realizes that Anjali’s a sexy woman now, and gets his flirt on

Rahul & Anjali slowly start getting closer, until we get to this scene:

The most iconic scene in the movie, where Rahul finally makes his move

But wait! Didn’t think it was that easy to get to THE END, did ya?

Yup, Anjali has a fiance! And, unfortunately, he’s rather nice and charming

Tell that to Anjali though …

She keeps her distance from Rahul and continues with her wedding plans

But, with his ever so wonderful timing, Rahul decides to confront Anjali about his feelings … the day of her wedding

Rahul and Anjali have a full-out crying session right in the middle of the altar, with everyone (fiance included) watching

The fiance decides to go grab Anjali!

… and basically hands her off to Rahul, wishing them both a happy life together

… only in movies

And they lived happily ever after!

THE END (for real this time)

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