Perils of being

Bollywood Recap: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Meet Bollymom: she prays, loves bling, and has a telepathic connection with her son

Enter Rahul: suave, rich, rides a helicopter to his own home

Rahul and Bollymom have a special relationship

This family … makes no sense. But, hey, Rahul’s also got a cute little brother

His name’s Ladoo (a round, fatty Indian sweet)

At a small local shop Rahul finally runs into our heroine, Anjali

Oh wait! Where have we heard those names before?

That’s right: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! Boy is this director creative …

Anjali mistakes Rahul for her friend’s fiance, and is outraged when he flirts with her

Only to realize her mistake when she sees his profile in the newspaper

Needless to say, Anjali doesn’t get off to a great start with Rahul, or his little bro

Of course, that doesn’t stop our playa Rahul

But wait — who is this biotch?!

We just met our heroine, and this lady tramps in all over Rahul! … turning up to family parties like this

But Rahul ain’t swayed by the tramp

Fortunately, Anjali is there to get her man .. with a few mishaps along the way

And they fall in love! But, in bollywood, it’s not love until you have a dream sequence about it … filled with pretty saris

Pretty much naked hero

And cuddling

But the cuddle-fest is cut short when Anjali suffers a tragedy :’(

Rahul decides that's the perfect moment to elope … oh, Rahul. No. Just no.

Clearly Rahul’s dad isn’t too thrilled about it either - especially since Anjali is dirt poor

After a bitter fight, Rahul’s dad disowns him and kicks him out of the house

Flash forward 10 years later: Rahul & Anjali are happily married, with a son, living in a mansion in London

While Rahul’s family is apparently in poverty …


Anjali’s younger sister also lives in London - where she rules the college campus

That’s right. Her name is Poo — I can’t make this shit up (pun intended)

One day a sexayy new student shows up, resistant to Poo’s charms

But guess what? 

The new guy is none other than Rahul’s lil bro, Ladoo, all grown up! He has come to London to find Rahul and reunite their family

After revealing his plan to Poo, Ladoo decides to stalk Anjali & Rahul

Until Poo convinces Anjali to let Ladoo “random guy from college” stay as a guest in their home (like that isn’t strange …)

Apparently that creepy telepathic thing is hereditary, because the two bros exchange deep eye-stares when Ladoo moves in

Ladoo hides his identity, but Rahul get suspicious

Thankfully, Poo is there to save the day - and more importantly - seduce Ladoo.  Because with names like Ladoo & Poo, you can’t not form a couple

Poo gets her moves on in LaPoo Seduction Song #1:

But it doesn’t go all that well

So she turns up the heat with LaPoo Seduction Song #2:

How could he resist?

Now that Poo has managed to hog the limelight & get her man … let’s see what Rahul’s been up to:

Rahul’s son gives a speech at school — identical to a speech that Rahul gave to lil Ladoo 10 years ago

Rahul puts 2+2 together and figures out that their guest is none other than his lil brother!

They hug and cuddle!

And even Bollymom pops in for a nice family reunion, until…

Uh oh

Rahul’s dad is not going to be happy about this

LOL April Fools!

It’s the end of the movie. Which means time for a change of heart!

Rahul’s dad gets a personality transplant, and they live happily ever after

… all thanks to a little ladoo — carbs aren’t so bad after all!


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